Meet Henry

Henry Eyring is a committed conservative focused on getting things done for Utah. A lifelong Republican and Utah native who resides in the 2nd Congressional District, Eyring has dedicated his career to solving problems and finding innovative solutions that help families thrive. Eyring is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty. With a distinguished background in healthcare and education innovation, he will bring policy expertise and a fresh conservative perspective to Washington, D.C.

A Proud Utahn

Raised in Utah with values of integrity and hard work, Henry pursued his education at BYU-Idaho before earning his doctorate from Harvard Business School. Throughout his career, he has been a trailblazer in large healthcare and education systems, working tirelessly to enhance quality while reducing costs. Drawing on his experiences, he now seeks to apply the same mentality to cut waste in Washington and hold government accountable.


Henry's Values

Henry’s conservative values align with his commitment to job growth, lower inflation, and reducing the national debt through a focus on producing more value with lower taxes—a philosophy he has both practiced and taught professionally. “I’ve spent my career working with organizations in Utah to get better results for patients, students, and citizens. We need people in Washington who know how to do that and can bet better results for Utahns and our country.”

With an unwavering commitment to fight for a conservative, prosperous, and secure future, Henry is ready to lead and represent the constituents of Utah’s 2nd Congressional District.