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I’m Henry Eyring, a constitutional conservative and a fiscal hawk. My mission in Congress is crystal clear: to restore financial stability and protect our constitutional rights. I ask for your support in the fight to cut waste in government and defend our American liberties.

I am excited to bring a fresh conservative voice to be the champion that Utah deserves. Together, we can reclaim control over our lives, protect parental rights, and restore the American dream for families. Join me in this crucial fight towards a brighter tomorrow!


As someone who firmly believes in the principle of fiscal responsibility, I want to make it clear that spending our way to prosperity is simply unsustainable. Our nation cannot afford to keep raising the debt limit and burdening future generations with excessive debt. That’s why I’m calling for significant cuts in government spending. As a fiscally conservative voice in Congress, I will fight for responsible financial decisions that prioritize the long-term well-being of our nation. It’s time to break the cycle of reckless spending and pave the way for a prosperous future based on sound economic principles.


I deeply understand the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education and development. It is my firm belief that parents, not the government, should have the ultimate authority in shaping their children’s lives. As a staunch advocate for parental rights, I will tirelessly work to protect and empower parents in the classroom. Together, we will ensure that parents are respected as the primary decision-makers for their children’s education. I am committed to fighting for policies that strengthen parental rights and give families the ability to make the best choices for their children’s future.


I am a dedicated champion for the pro-life movement, and my commitment to protecting the sanctity of life comes from a deeply personal experience. The loss of one of our twin boys in the womb has profoundly, and painfully, solidified my understanding of the value of every life. It is an honor and a responsibility I take seriously to be a voice for the unborn. I will stand strong in defense of the right to life, advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves. Together, let us stand firm in our commitment to protect and uphold the dignity of every human life.

I stand firmly in support of the Second Amendment and the fundamental right to bear arms. It is my unwavering belief that the bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., who are detached from the realities of the Western lifestyle, should not encroach upon our God-given rights. I understand the vital role of responsible and safe gun ownership and will passionately defend the rights of law-abiding citizens to safeguard themselves, their loved ones, and their property. As a staunch advocate for preserving our cherished constitutional freedoms, I will confront endeavors to undermine those rights. Together, let us protect our individual liberties and uphold the principles enshrined in our Constitution.

We owe our cherished freedoms to the courageous men and women in uniform, who selflessly dedicate themselves to keeping us safe, both at home and abroad. Each day, they wake up with a single mission: to protect our nation. Their unwavering commitment is the reason we can proudly enjoy the liberties we have today. As a patriot who deeply loves my country, I will always be a passionate supporter of our military and first responders. Their sacrifices and bravery inspire me, and I will fight for their well-being, ensuring they have the resources, support, and respect they deserve. Together, let us honor and stand by those who serve, safeguarding our great nation.

We need to refocus our education system on its core purpose: providing a conducive learning environment rather than pushing political activism. Classrooms should prioritize essential subjects like reading, writing, and math. It’s time to get back to the basics and offer vocational training to meet the demands of today’s job market. Recognizing that not everyone needs to go to college, we must promote the trades and give every child an equal opportunity to succeed. By providing diverse pathways to success, we can empower students and ensure a well-rounded education that prepares them for fulfilling careers.

I firmly believe in Utah’s right to control and access its own public lands. As a passionate advocate for our state, I will fight to ensure greater state control and management over these lands. I am dedicated to protecting our rights and preventing government overreach. Any attempts by the federal government to encroach upon our rights or limit our access to these lands will be strongly opposed. I will be a relentless champion for Utah’s control over its public lands, preserving our rights and safeguarding our freedoms.

I will fight to ensure that state and local leaders are empowered to make proactive investments to preserve groundwater and harness snowpack and rainwater. This will cut back on needless waste and evaporation in our waterways. I am dedicated to this vital cause that will ensure our state’s citizens, businesses, and farms can thrive and continue into future generations.

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For Utah

As a Conservative, I prioritize defending the Constitution, standing up for life, responsible government spending, supporting our military, and protecting public lands and water. I will always put the well-being of my constituents first and work hard to make sure their voice is heard in Congress.